Folium Distribution is a third party Huddersfield based leaflet distribution service provider. We specialise in assisting your direct advertising to ensure that you identify and reach your customers effectively.  We aim to provide a service which you can utilise, irrespective of your advertising budget, by providing leaflet distribution at a sensible price, with every one of the distributions specialised for the Huddersfield region.

Because our business knowledge of the Huddersfield region is extensive, we utilise a lifetimes worth of local knowledge to enable us to provide a leaflet distribution service which is clearly based around you and your requirements.
Folium Distribution was originally created as a small family business, to satisfy the need for a specialist Huddersfield leaflet distribution service which could be relied upon for all of your leafleting requirements.

This is, in part, why we are so keen to work closely with our customers, providing you with regular updates on the progression of your leaflet distribution. The best way for you to understand what were all about is our mission statement, which you can read below:

Folium Distribution strives to provide an affordable, reliable and easily accessible means of direct marketing through the use of leaflet distribution. By being based in Huddersfield we are able to operate in a cost effective and fast manner, allowing for rapid response to changes in the industry. By utilising our location and our moral standing we hope to promote businesses throughout the town, providing a service that is truly unique in its execution.

If this is how you would like your leaflets delivered, or if you have any question whatsoever then why not contact us either by phone, or use the handy form on our contact page.